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History of astrology books

  • In General
  • Translations and manuscripts of traditional authors

General astrology books

The different trends of astrology books

  • Esoteric Astrology
  • Financial Astrology 
  • Humanist Astrology
  • Karmic Astrology 
  • Medical Astrology
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Scientific Astrology
  • Traditional Astrology
  • Vedic Astrology 

Elements of bases

  • Mythology and symbolism 
  • The Signs 
  • The planets 
  • The House
  • The retrograde Planets 
  • The Asteroids 
  • The lunar nodes 
  • The degrees 
  • The fixed stars 
  • The arabian Parts

The predictive techniques

  • Predictive Astrology
  • The Progressed Horoscope
  • Electional Astrology
  • the Decumbiture 
  • Horary Astrology 
  • Mundane Astrology 


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Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry, mois d'avrile 1412-16 brothers Limbourg, Musée Condé, Chantilly

Les Heures du Duc de Rohan Le signe du scorpion 15ème siècle

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History of astrology books

   _____________________   History of astrology books   _____________________

 In General

  A Brief History of Ancient Astrology by Roger Beck

  A History of Western Astrology by S. Jim Tester
  After Life in Roman Paganism by Franz Cumont

  Anti-Italianism in Sixteenth-Century France by Henry Heller

  Astral Magic in Babylonia by Erica Reiner

  Astrology and the Art of Healing by A. T. Mann

  Babylonian Horoscopes by Francesca Rochberg

  Church, Censorship and Culture in Early Modern Italy by Gigliola Fragnito

  Descartes and His ContemporariesMeditations, Objections, and Replies
  by Robert Ariew, Marjorie Glicksman Grene

  History of Magic and Experimental Science Part 10 by Lynn Thorndike

  Marriage and Divorce of Astronomy and Astrology A History of Astral
  prédiction from antiqity to Newton by Gordon Fisher

  Medieval Attitude Toward Astrology, Particularly in England
  by Theodore Otto Wedel

  Medieval Islamic CivilizationAn Encyclopedia by Josef W. Meri

  Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine An Encyclopedia by Thomas F.
  Glick, Steven John Livesey, Faith Wallis

  Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 142, no. 3, 1998)

  Ptolemy’s First Commentator by Alexander Jones

  Secrets of Nature Astrology and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe
  by William R. Newman, Anthony Grafton

  Star Crossed Renaissance by Don C. Allen

  The Astrology Sourcebook A Guide to the Symbolic Language of the Stars
  by Shirley Soffer

  The Debate Over the Origin of Genius During the Italian Renaissance
  by Noel L. Brann

  The Exact Sciences in Antiquity by Otto Neugebauer

  The Future Of Astrology by A. T. Mann

  The Heavenly Writing Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian
  Culture by Francesca Rochberg

  The Limits of Influence Pico, Louvain, and the Crisis of Renaissance

  Astrology by Steven Vanden Broecke

  The Occult in Russian and Soviet Culture by Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal
  by Skye Alexander

 Translations and manuscripts of traditional authors

   Dionysius the Areopagite On the Divine Names and the Mystical Theology by
   Rolt, Clarence Edwin

   Carmen Astrologicum De Dorotheus of Sidon


   Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos
  Or Quadripartite Being Four Books of the Influence of … by J. M. Ashmand

  Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos
  Or Quadripartite Being Four Books of the Influence of … by Ptolemy, Proclus,     Philip Ranger, J.M. Ashmand
  Tetrabiblos by Claudius Ptolemy by J. M. Ashmand

  The Tetrabiblos Quadripartite of Ptolemy by Claudius Ptolomaeus by J. Wilson


  Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice Matheseos libri VIII by Julius Firmicus 


  Introduction to Astrology and Its Use in Weather Prediction,
  Medicine, and Agriculture, in English 1490


   A briefe and most easie introduction to the stars by Claude Dariot

  Monas Hieroglyphica (‘The Hieroglyphic Monad’) by John Dee

  Mysteriorum Libri Quinque John Dee

  Regimen of Health  1535 Thomas Paynel

  Archidoxis magicae Liber II by Paracelsus

  Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems Galileo

  Nicholas Culpeper in Thirteen books Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637
  of natural philosophy

  Astrologer’s Guide Anima Astrologiae by William Lilly

  Christian Astrology, Book 3 by William Lilly

  The Astrological Judgement And Practice of Physick by Richard Saunders

  The History of Herodotus  by Herodotus

   New Manual of Astrology De Sepharial

  Sepharial’s AstrologyHow to Make and Read Your Own Horoscope
  by A. Sepharial

  New Dictionary of AstrologyIn Which All Technical and Abstruse …
  by Sepharial

  A manual of astrology, or The book of the stars by Raphael

  Raphael’s Mundane Astrology  by Raphael


  General astrology books follow

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Babylonian clay tablet BC
Lilitu Sumerian BC
Carmen by Dorotheus BC
Aphorismes Ibn Ezra 12th
The very rich hours of the Duc de Berry 15th

Chiron et Achile Giuseppe Maria Crespi 1665-1747

Lilith John Collier 1892

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General astrology

   ______________________   General astrology books   ______________________

  Sepharial’s AstrologyHow to Make and Read Your Own Horoscope
  by A. Sepharial

  New Dictionary of AstrologyIn Which All Technical and Abstruse …
  by Sepharial

  Magazine Articles on Astrology 1922 by H. L. Cornell

  Astrology for All by Alan Leo

  Pocket Guide to Astrology by Alan Oken

  Complete Book of Astrology The Easy Way to Learn Astrology
  by Kris Brandt Riske

  Horoscope in Detail by Alan Leo, H. S. Green

  A Students’ Textbook of Astrology by Vivian E. Robson

  Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith, John Astrop

  Encyclopedia of Astrology by Nicholas DeVore

  Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology De Alan Oken



  The different trends of astrology books follow

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L’adoration des vingt quatre vieillards Beatus de Saint-Sever 11 ème siècle

Jeune femme avec un instrument astronomique 1520 Jan (Mabuse) Gossaert

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The different trends of astrology

   ___________________   The different trends of astrology  ___________________

 Esoteric Astrology

  Steiner, Rudolf, Planetary qualities an anthroposophical view, 1999

  Leo, Alan, Esoteric Astrology, 1989

 Financial Astrology

  Williams, David, Financial Astrology, 2000

 Humanist Astrology

  Rudhyar, Dane, The Astrology Of Personality, 2004

  Rudhyar, Dane, New Mansions for New Men 1938, 2004

  Rudhyar, Dane, The Moon : The Cycles And Fortunes of Life 1946,

  Rudhyar, Dane, Modern Man’s ConflictsThe Creative Challenge of a
  Global Society 1948, 2004

  Rudhyar, Dane, Rudhyar Collection of Seed Ideas 1928, 2003

  Meyer, Michael R., A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer, 1974

 Karmic Astrology

  Stellas,Constance, Advanced astrology for life, 2005

  Avery,Jeanne, Astrology and your past lives, 2004

  Saint-Germain, Jon, Karmic Palmistry, 2003
  Explore past lives, soul mates & karma

  Yott, Donald H., Astrology and Reincarnation, 1989

  Steiner, Rudolf, Karmic Relationships, 1972   

  Esoteric Studies

  MacGregor, Trish , Soul Mate Astrology, 2004

 Medical Astrology

  Raphael, Raphael’s Medical Astrology, 2003

  Cornell, Howard Leslie, Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology vol 1, 2003

  Cornell, Howard Leslie, Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology vol 2, 2003

  Darling, Harry F., Essentials of Medical Astrology, 1981

 Psychological Astrology

  Duncan, Adrian Ross, Astrology : Transformation & Empowerment,  

  Arroyo, Stephen, Person-To-Person, 2007
  Energy Factors in Love, Sex and Compatability

  Robson, Vivian E., Astrology and Sex, 2005

  Sullivan, Erin, The Astrology of Family Dynamics, 2001

  Greene,Liz, Saturn : A New Look at an Old Devil, 1976

  Greene,Liz and Sasportas, Howard, The Development of the
  Personality, 1987

  Greene,Liz and Sasportas, Howard, Dynamics of the Unconscious,

  Greene,Liz and Sasportas, Howard, The Luminaries, 1992
  The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope

  Greene,Liz and Sasportas, Howard, The Inner Planets, 1993

  Hamaker-Zondag, Karen , Psychological Astrology, 1990
  A Synthesis of Jungian Psychology and Astrology

  Tyl, Noel , Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship, 2002

  Levine,Joyce, Breakthrough Astrology, 2006

  Abadie, Marie-Jeanne, Child Astrology
  A Guide to Nurturing Your Child’s Natural Gifts

  Abadie, Marie-Jeanne, Teen Astrology, 2001
  The ultimate guide to making your life your own 

 Scientific Astrology

  Tucker, William J., The Principles of Scientific Astrology 1938, 2004

  Kenneth D. McRitchie, Environmental Cosmology, 2004
  Principles and Theory of Natal Astrology

 Traditional Astrology

  Greenbaum, Dorian Gieseler, Temperament, 2005
  Astrology’s Forgotten Key

 Vedic Astrology

  De Fouw, Hart , Svoboda, Robert, Light on Life, 2003
  An Introduction to the Astrology of India

  Dr Gopal Das Neeraj, Dr Arastu Prabhakar, The Thrid eye of the

  Sivapriyananda, Swami, Astrology and Religion in Indian Art , 1990

  Johnsen, Linda, A Thousand Suns : Designing your future with Vedic
  Astrology, 2004

  Gale Dreyer, Ronnie , Vedic Astrology, 1997
  A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish

  K S Charak, Elements of Vedic Astrology, 1998

  Pingree, David Edwin, Census of the Exact Sciences in Sanskrit, 1994

  Wilhelm, Ernst, Graha Sutras.

  K S Charak, Surya, the Sun God, 1999

  Shaneman, Jhampa and Angel, Jan V., Buddhist Astrology, 2003
  Chart Interpretation from a Buddhist Perspective,
Collaborateur Dalai   Lama

  Chark,K. , Dr. K S Charak, Subtleties of Medical Astrology, 2004

  David Hawthorne, V. K. Choudhry, Astrology for Life
  A Practical Guide to Creating and Interpreting Horoscopes

  Harness, Dennis M. , The Nakshatras, 2004
  The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

  Rajeev Jhanji, Naresh K. Sharma, K. N. Rao,
  Applications of Yogini Dasha for Brilliant Predictions
, 1994

  K. S. Charak, A Textbook of Varshaphala, 1996
  Vedic Technique of the Tajika Or Annual Horoscopy

  K. S. Charak, Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala,
  Annual Horoscopy

  Pr. Radhakrishna Shirmali, Lal Kitab.

  Behari, Bepin, Myths & Symbols of Vedic Astrology, 2004

 Celtic Astrology

  Phyllis Vega, Celtic Astrology, 2002
  How the Mystical Power of the Druid Tree Signs Can Transform your

    Basic elements astrological books follow

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Alice Bailey 19ème siècle
Alice Bailey

Rudolph Steiner
Rudolph Steiner


Liz Greene in audience
Liz Greene
Dorian Geiseler Greenbaum
Dorian Geiseler Greenbaum

Srid pa ho (carte de divination) Tibet fin du 20ème siècle peinture sur tissu
Tibetan chart

V. K. Choudhry
V. K. Choudhry

K. S. Charak
K. S. Charak


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Elements of bases

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The predictive techniques

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